Mission of this program

The mission of this program is to ensure that after completion of this course, every student will be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to secure the right job that aligns with their aspirations and capabilities. 

The program is driven by the belief that each individual deserves not just any job but the right one that matches their skills, passions, and long-term goals.

Path Student Accelerator Program, Batch 2 is scheduled to commence in Spring 2024

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Course Focus:

Tailored for Upcoming Graduates from EU and non -EU. Live Career Guidance - Job Search Tips Across European Countries ( ANY COUNTRY!)

  • Expert Guidance for Career Success

  • Practical Tools for Job Placement

  • Networking Opportunities and Insights

  • Tricks to Secure the Right Job

  • Strategies for Job Hunting in Europe

Course curriculum

    1. Overview of the Program

    2. Class 1: Start Your Career NOW

    3. Why are you here? Survey

    4. Homework

    1. Agenda

    2. Recording

    3. Class 1: Main points in creating CV and LinkedIn profile

    4. Class 2: LinkedIn Profile Part 1: Creating a Compelling LinkedIn Profile

    5. Class 3: LinkedIn Profile Part 2: Essential Strategies for LinkedIn Success

    6. Class 4: LinkedIn Profile Part 3: Navigating LinkedIn for Job Search and Opportunities

    7. Class 5: CV and Cover Letter

    8. Class 6: Network & Recommendations

    9. Summary & Homework

    10. LinkedIn - Networking Survey

    1. Recording

    2. Class 1: Trends in the Job Market

    3. Class 2: Career Path

    4. Class 3: Mapping and Examples of Future Path

    5. Class 4: You’ve applied for a job… What happens after?

    6. Summary & Homework

    7. Dream Job Survey

    1. Recording

    2. Class 1: Productivity

    3. Class 2: Conflicts at Work

    4. Class 3: Office Style

    5. Class 4: Transform Into the Best Version of Yourself

    6. Summary

    1. Recording

    2. Class 1: Employment contracts and clauses to pay attention to

    3. Class 2: Vacations and some more details

    4. Summary & Homework

    1. Recording - Interview

    2. Class 1: Mastering the Job Interview: A Comprehensive Guide for Success

    3. Class 2: Most Common Job Interview Questions

    4. Class 3: Situational & Behavioral Questions

    5. Class 4: Getting Prepped for Salary Negotiation

    6. Recording - Negotiations

    7. Summary

About this course

  • €250,00
  • 40 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Participation options 3 TIERS - Path Student Accelerator

Content Creator:

Sandu is an entrepreneur and founder of consulting and executive education companies based in the Netherlands and Kazakhstan. Her corporate clients include oil and gas joint ventures, trading companies, Business Hubs, Startups, Universities, and Business Schools. She also helps students to bridge the gap between theory and reality and land a great jobs.

Sandugash Sembinova

Feedback from Students

Feedback from students who have engaged with the program's content has been overwhelmingly positive and transformative. Many participants have expressed newfound confidence in their job-seeking journey, attributing their success to the program's insightful guidance  

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